Tribal Fringe Cover Up

Bold black and white monochromatic colors featured on a geometric print accented with ball white fringe. A perfect swimsuit cover up that can be worn as a dress as well... Learn More

$ 54.99

Ombre Cover Up

The Ombre Cover Up is made of sheer blend material with hand beaded detail. It's a pull-on style with Kaftan silhouette, and one size fits all. Wear it for late... Learn More

$ 54.99

Arabian Cover Up

The Arabian Cover Up is straight out of Aladdin, where the beautiful princess' gown flows in the breeze on the palace porch. The plunging v-neck is seductive, and the jewels... Learn More

$ 49.99

Appliqué Fringe Cover Up

The Applique Fringe Cover Up is a sheer one piece with elegant sleeves that cut off at the elbows. The neckline plunges and the rest of the edges are bordered... Learn More

$ 39.99

Peacock Cover Up

The peacock is the world's showiest animal, with brightly colored feathers and an appearance that screams “look at me!” This cover up is modeled after the peacock, and like the... Learn More

$ 44.99

Lime Mesh Cover Up

The Lime Mesh Cover Up is the perfect thing to wear for sipping on a lemonade or a cocktail on a hot summer's evening. The intricate design is belied by the... Learn More

$ 44.99

Tropical Cover Up

So many of us love going on vacation to the tropics: Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, or the Bahamas. This cover up is the perfect item for a woman who... Learn More

$ 44.99

Turquoise Slink Cover Up

The Slink Cover Up is the best of both worlds. It's modest and revealing at the same time. It covers you up but the plunging v-neck still shows off your beautiful... Learn More

$ 44.99

Yellow Sheer Tie Cover Up

The Yellow Sheer Tie Cover Up is an interesting take on the Slink Cover Up. It too has the plunging v-neck, but it wraps around and ties in front, giving... Learn More

$ 44.99

Yellow Leopard Mix Cover Up

The Yellow Leopard Mix Cover Up is mostly yellow, but some blues, purples, greens, and oranges can be found in the swirl of colors too. The jewels swirl around your... Learn More

$ 64.99

Blue Leopard Mix Cover Up

Blue Leopard Mix Cover Up

With the Blue Leopard Mix Cover Up you might be mistaken as a wild mountain cat among the beaches of the tropics. The blues change to violet and back throughout the... Learn More

$ 44.99

-$ 69.99

Nude Crochet Top

This isn't what your grandmother had in mind when she taught you to crochet. This is themes have top for your wardrobe. It can be used over your favorite swim items... Learn More

$ 34.99