Nerd Meets Girl

Americana- Sale

Admit it, when you first laid eyes on this beautiful style, you instantly fell in love. This one piece is full of USA pride, and it only makes sense that... Learn More

$ 39.99

Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Rock out in this awesome tribute bathing suit by Lila Nikole. Jimi Hendrix ruled the music scene; now it’s time to bring his passion and talent in fashion form to... Learn More

$ 89.99

Amy Winehouse Tribute- Sale

Amy is in the house! Bring the presence of the much-missed Amy Winehouse back to life on this pop art silkscreen-style design inspired by the art of Andy Warhol. Add... Learn More

$ 19.99

Darth Vader Tribute

Get your Star Wars fix in this ultra-sexy swimsuit from Lila Nikole’s special collection. Just like the much-adored never ending Star Wars series, you can put this cool bathing suit... Learn More

$ 59.99

Millennium Falcon Ship Tribute

The Millennium Falcon flew through a galaxy far, far away, and you'll be flying through the crowds at the beach in this outfit. Star Wars fans will stare at the... Learn More

$ 39.99

Chewbacca/ Wookie Tribute

This comedic bathing suit is modeled off of the character Chewbacca. With fashion playing such a big role in your life, there is no need to take your clothing seriously... Learn More

$ 39.99

C3PO Tribute

C3PO has entertained Star Wars fans for decades with his airy quips and erudite banter. You'll be entertaining everyone at the pool with this golden swimsuit. The intricate yet simple... Learn More

$ 39.99

R2D2 Tribute

R2D2 is famous for rolling around and making funny noises. When you walk around in this swimsuit, it'll be everyone else who's making the funny noises. The beautiful blue and... Learn More

$ 49.99

Storm/ Clone Trooper Tribute

Lila Nikole has done it again with this designer one piece bathing suit. For the girl who spends all year planning her Halloween costume, (or wishes she had time to)... Learn More

$ 59.99


The Unicorn bikini exists within the Lila Nikole Designer Swimwear Collection, and it is available now!   TOP SILHOUETTESTie Triangle top BOTTOM SILHOUETTESBrazilian Bottom Bikini is fully lined Lycra/ Spandex Blend Material Hand... Learn More

$ 69.99

Jim Morrison- The Doors Tribute

Sometimes the best looks are made special because they are so unexpected. Leave it to the designers of Lila Nikole to realize the brilliance of combining art and style in... Learn More

$ 89.99