Lila Nikole is the first Latin costume designer to design all costumes and manage the wardrobe department for The Super Bowl  LV Half Time Show featuring The Weeknd last year. She returned this year for Super Bowl LVI to costume the quintet of stars for the Halftime Show. She also designs eponymous Lila Nikile collection of swimwear and has served as the lead wardrobe stylist and costume designer for The Grammys, Soul Train Awards, BET Awards, and other television specials. Live Design chats with her about the Halftime Show costumes for Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige.

Live  Design: Where did you research the designs for the Super Bowl Halftime Show this year?

Lila Nikole: Each artist had a concept and vision for the performance. We took this direction then employed our ideas to finalize a look that works for all.

LD: What was the overall look you were going for?

LN: The idea was to remain true to the hip hop culture and to honor the styles of the West Coast. We used influences from Inglewood and Compton when choosing our moods boards.

LD: Can you talk a little about the clothing choices for the stars?

LN: The stars sent renderings of their proposed outfits. We the took the colors of the set and lighting to create pieces that would work within each song and pop or blend within the sets.

LD: What was the most challenging parts of the process for you?

LN: We had hundreds of individual looks for this performance. The idea was to style each person in their own look but all of them had to feel cohesive. This took many, many, many hours trying to shop and pull from all over, but we survived, lol.

LD: Did you "shop" the pieces or design/build?

LN: We did both techniques for the show. Some were custom creations, some were shopped, we did custom dying techniques, hand-beading, and gemming as well.

LD: What was the most exciting and gratifying part of this show for you?

LN: I am truly a fan of these artists. Their music is usually paying while I am designing. I was honored to work along side of  these legends while being allowed to do what makes me happiest—create magic!

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Hip-hop influences at The Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show
Costumes by Lila Nikole (Hip-hop influences at the Super Bowl, photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)