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Amara La Negra

Amara "La Negra" The new star of VH1's Love & Hip Hop Miami is a multi-talented Latina force of nature of Dominican descent and Miami-raised, Amara started appearing on television as a child on Univision's Sábado Gigante.

Amara has collaborated with musicians Trina, Kent Jones, Sean Paul, and Mr. Vegas on various songs and has gained a large following throughout Latin America. However, when Amara mounts a crossover to the American mainstream market, it's her look and image, as well as rivalries with her one-time friends, which may be a bigger obstacle than her talent.


Amara is the embodiment of the woman of today who was created with a hint of the past and a twist of tomorrow. With a Spanish and Caribbean background, the songstress describes herself as eccentric, vibrant, and ambitious. Amara is the definition of a Dominican diva that loves being an entertainer that feeds her soul from the love of performing, music, and entertaining her fans.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Amara channels the sunshine state for inspiration on her latest EP project entitled “Unstoppable,” which is slated for Fall 2017 release. The musical direction follows connecting her fans globally with a Spanish and Caribbean experience while channeling a R&B and Hip Hop inspired concept in delivery. Amara has a formal educational background in dance, modeling, and acting that she presents in this latest project collectively. The project title strives from Amara’s approach in her life and its obstacles that attempts disruption in her light. She affirms her title in Urban Pop as unstoppable.

Adding to the depth of Amara, fans will be able to watch the rising star in the debut of Love & Hip Hop: Miami in 2017. Amara will take viewers into the journey of her determination and love for her musical artistry, attacking obstacles to crossover into the American musical scene, and will highlight the relationship she has with her mother who she continuously credits as her foundation to succeed. The newly anticipated series will take viewers into her personal battles of love, growth, and becoming the woman behind the entertainer. Amara is the pivotal highlight of the Miami Afro-Latina sassy infused with beauty on the show and stage for fans to adore.

Amara expresses her personality fashionably with a bold, undefined, classy, and wild style. She defines her approach based on the energy she transcends at that time: with some days as elegant, high couture and a look of vogue, as well as, other days there will be loud, colorful mix open to the volume that fashion gives the world. As presented in her musical background, Amara defines her own style and trends with a mix of fashion, style and confidence.

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