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Gabrielle "Gabby" Davis

This sophisticated sensation never thought her quest in her career would lead her to become such a hot commodity in the fashion and entertainment world. Introduced as Gabrielle Davis, an international model, actress and entrepreneur who is known for her distinct beauty and aspiring ambition to make her footprints in the mainstream “Hollywood” limelight. Gabrielle’s latest work includes being casted in a Caribbean film alongside other actors that include Chris Gayle, Kymani Marley, and Tori Heart.


International rising starlet, Gabrielle Davis was born and raised June 1992 in Kingston, Jamaica. She began a modeling career at the age of 16 years old for local brands, commercials and fashion trends. Gabrielle was scouted while competing for the Pulse Model search competition, and was signed to Pulse international modeling agency at the age of 19 years old. The agency is recognized as an entertainment and business firm who specializes in fashion, tourism, commercial and residential property investments, and much more. Gabrielle’s career began to blossom when she landed her first major editorial spread that allowed her to break the mold for being the first petite model to represent Britain’s daily express internationally.


Davis career quickly continued to rise as an international talent that is a force to reckoned with in modeling. She was chosen to walk in Jamaica’s largest fashion show, Caribbean Fashion Week, and swiftly began getting more runway gigs in other popular Caribbean fashion shows. At this same time, Gabrielle Davis was getting bookings in Los Angeles and Miami for more fashion, beauty, runway and commercial print castings.


More recently, Gabrielle decided to end her professional relationship with Pulse international modeling agency. She has worked with many photographers, spirit brands, and designers in the Caribbean markets and the United States. Her introduction in the modeling arena has also secured other bookings with notable brands as an ambassador, host special-tiered events, commercial ad campaigns, and featured model in many music videos on behalf of talents that include Snoop Dogg, Jeremiah, and for international music artist Russ. Gabrielle also sparked interest in television and film on the Jamaica scene, so she dedicated herself in expanding her career by investing in acting lessons. This led her to being casted to host local television shows while still being a striking beauty with a business mindset.




January 2018, Gabrielle Davis was introduced in pop culture as a reality tv personality under VH1’s Love & Hip Hop franchise. The new series “Love & Hip Hop Miami” debuted on January 1, 2018 where Gabrielle caught the hearts of all watching.


Gabrielle has goals that reaches beyond the stars as a model and actress. The international work of art sees her future in television and film with no limits, as well as, embark on a thriving modeling legacy who broke boundaries in the United States and the Caribbean market.



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