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Interview: Lila Nikole & Kruzin Collaborate at Miami Swim Week

Despite being rescheduled because of the torrential downpour (ft. thunder and lighting as special effects), the Lila Nikole and Kruzin fashion show was flawless. On Sunday, July 17, at 8:00 PM in the Funkshion: Sunset tent, in front of Bass Museum, the collaboration between two noteworthy female designers brought strong energy and bold designs to the runway.

Compared to the rest of the beach bunny, mermaid, and neon barbie doll looks of Miami Swim Week, models looked like Amazonians, post workout, or break dancers in between takes of a new music video. The fashion show, accompanied by music by DJ Rob Dinero, had the crowd ready to move to the beat as well.

As footwear and Swimwear trendsetters, both Nikole and Alessandra Gold favor active, flashy, forms and prints which are as empowering as they are creative. The hypnotic bathing suits paired with bright, leather laced sneakers and gold created an interesting, electrifying look. For their second time working together, Nikole and Gold incorporated Traditional African color palettes to create an urban, tribal feel.

Alessandra Gold bring her Brazilian, festivity to the sneaker designs, while Nikole’s 2017 “Tribez” swimwear collection draws its inspiration from the aesthetic of native warriors and global tribe cultures.

Tassels and beading combined with new silhouettes and cut outs reinvented Nikole’s signature prints. Her collection delivers the same body-embracing shapes that graced the pages of top-tier magazines including Vogue, Elle, Sports Illustrated, but also incorporates a new air of “warrior woman” aesthetic. It’s no wonder why celebs like Kim Kardashian, Padma Lakshi, and Jenny McCarthy are fans.

Lila Nikole & KruzinIn an exclusive interview with LETAGE, Lila Nikole talks about the creative forces backstage.


LEtage: How did you get into designing swimsuits?

LN:I kind of grew up with fashion. Practicing on my teddy bears first and then at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (which is where my team for today is from) I actually wanted to be a costume designer! So the swimwear was unexpected. But I definitely have a niche here, and the brand continues to grow so Im staying here.


LEtage: A costume designer? Thats pretty cool. So what aspects of that field do you incorporate into your looks?

LN: I like the flamboyancy of the colors, patterns, and cuts. And how it stands out and allows you to be different from anyone else. Of course, you can wear them every day but it still has that punch. Youre definitely going to get noticed on the beach.


LEtage: What is special about the 2016 Tribez Collection?

LN: I’m a graphic designer so all my prints are original. The concept for the collection has a tribal feel, so really bold prints combined with funky colors creates a modern look.


LEtage: Where did you get the idea for the tribal inspired designs?

LN: My inspiration came from a festival where I heard a guy playing Latin music, and I envisioned a collection with live drummers and dynamic Latin American and Native American prints.


LEtage: Could you describe your perfect outfit?

LN: I love my sneakers. Im a jeans, fitted hat, kinda girl. So working with Alessandra was perfect! It felt right.


LEtage: Speaking of working with Alessandra, whats it like?

LN: Weve done a show before and we styled together. She has a very artistic and funky edge, and she likes to think outside of the box. So its easy collaborating since we both have similar concepts in mind.


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