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South Florida fashion designer 1st Latina to be named leading costume designer for Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Weeknd rocked Raymond James Stadium this weekend, but a lot of people worked behind the scenes to pull off the Super Bowl Halftime Show. That includes a South Florida fashion designer, who was responsible for the cool costumes we saw on Sunday.

She’s our Super Bowl MVP.

The Weeknd’s Super Bowl Halftime Show looked good!

That’s because Miami’s very own Lila Nikole helped make it happen. It’s called fashion. Look it up.

Lila Nikole: “My job for the halftime show was to dress hundreds of people in multiple outfits.”

Lila is a fashion designer extraordinaire. Her work has been on Deco a lot before, but now, she just made history as the leading costume designer for the halftime show!

Lila Nikole: “I’m super excited that I’m the first Latina costume designer. I’ve been working my whole career to get to this stage.”

And the stage couldn’t have been bigger!

The super bowl! The Weeknd! All these dancers to dress!

Lila Nikole: “I’m a die hard football fan, so I’m super honored that they trusted me with their vision. They allowed me to work on one of the biggest stages on national TV and work with a Grammy recording artist.”

If you enjoyed watching the halftime show, imagine how Lila must’ve felt.

Lila Nikole: “I was blown away. All of the pieces we’d been working on for so long came together, and it was seamless. Everyone was in line, the choreography was good, the costumes were perfect.”

So, you just did the Super Bowl Halftime Show, what now?

No, we weren’t talking to you, Tom Brady and Gronk.

Lila Nikole: “I really love costume design, so I’d love to do more TV, to be involved in projects on Marvel, the Olympics, the Grammys and the Oscars. Hopefully, the calls will be coming in, and I’ll be doing a lot more cool stuff like that.”