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All That's Fab Interview got a chance to sit down with designer Lila Nikole Rivera of Lila Nikole Swimwear Collection. She talked about everything from her background in fashion, to fashion show disasters, to inspirations for her collections: When did you decide that you wanted to be a designer? Lila Nikole: I grew up in a fashion home, my mother was a designer. I’ve been involved in fashion since I was a child. It’s pretty much always been in me, so this was just natural.

ATF: What made you decide to venture into swimwear, of all markets? LN: I stumbled into swimwear, I designed some pieces for a school fashion show for the art school I went to, the pieces were in high demand and I started receiving orders. Then it blossomed into a business.

ATF: What makes your swimwear line different from, say, Melissa Obadash, Jessika Allen,or even La Perla Swimwear? LN: I like to design out the box, I don’t do ordinary collections. Jewel tones, hard ware pieces, and the pieces are retired. They’re not mass produced.

ATF: What inspired your collections, and how did you come up with the names of each? LN: My collections are always inspired by moods I’m in, the music I listen to, whatever I’m going through at the moment, parks, outdoors, everything.

ATF: Every designer has that moment where it’s like “oh my God, I can’t believe so & so has on my clothing”… what was that moment for you? LN: Keyshia Cole [Heaven Sent], I remember watching the video like, “oh, wow!”. It was totally unexpected!

ATF: Who would you love to see wearing your swimsuits? LN: Great question… hmm, let me think…. Roselyn Sanchez, because she has a strong demeanor, she’s a strong woman, her essence…

ATF: Do you plan on expanding your line out side of swimwear? LN: Yes, definitely! Accessories, handbags, complimentary pieces, and a children’s line.

ATF: What kind of woman do you make your swimwear for? LN: A Fashion forward, fashionista, a trendseter, a secure, strong woman. Someone who demands attention.

ATF: If I’m not mistaken, you were a stylist before deciding to launch Lila Nikole Swimwear Collection, what made you step out and say “you know what, this is my time!”? LN: I went from school immediately into my line! There was no sitting down and deciding to start the line.

ATF: What was the craziest thing that ever happened right before or during a fashion show? LN: I had these beautiful light colored hand beaded pieces, and this model was on her period and she bled right through it! I had to pull her out AND the looks. It was my 3 favorite looks, the best pieces for the show. She didn’t even say anything, she just put the looks right back on rack! And she was my favorite model, I liked her look, so she had the most looks!

ATF: What was your favorite fashion show that Lila Nikole Swimwear Collection participated in? LN: Function Fashion Week, it was 2 years ago. It was my ‘Blackout Collection’. The reason is because things weren’t working out personally, so I made this really dark, edgy collection, and it really transferred well. My show got the most press and I received a lot of orders!

ATF: What is your favorite vacation spot? And which one of your collections embodies that place most? LN: St. Tropez, because it’s rich, glitzy, upscale and very fashion forward. I think the Golden Rage collection embodies that the most!

ATF: For all the young girls and boys who want to own their own line of clothing, what advice do you have for them? LN: Well, this is the advice I have for anyone in general, believe in yourself, stay motivated & dedicated, push & persevere, and if u hear no & don’t feel like its a valid no, go for it anyway & try for what u want!

ATF: That is very good advice! You can check out the official website.