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Project Save Imagination

Our Mission:

To keep the arts a vital part of children’s lives and education in order to inspire, empower and further enhance their imagination, creativity, and ability of self-expression. We are registered 501 c3 foundation.

Driven Inspiration:

Project Save Imagination is a 501 C non profit charity based initiative that aims to support students who have an avid interest in the arts but may not have the money or opportunity to pursue their dreams. We at Project Save Imagination would like to help provide for, assist, and support any and all Arts and Music Programs, locally and nationally, that possess a means and safe haven for underprivileged or at risk youth to be introduced to the various forms of artistic creativity.  We will do our part in aiding the collaborative efforts of other foundations to implement art integration in impoverished communities and schools.  A child’s mind is a precious and fragile thing, full of wonderment, vitality, and amazing capabilities, and as it is important for their development and functionality to learn Math, Science, Social Studies, and English/Literature, it is equally important to learn and enhance their creative thinking and imagination through the arts.

Lack of funding should not be an excuse to deny a child a healthy portion of their development by allowing them to discover a special talent they may have, or simply enhancing their confidence in having the ability to express themselves through various means.  That being said, ultimately, we aim to see arts programs not only return to the education system, in all schools, but also see it established as part of their core curriculum.  Whether it’s music, painting, drawing, creative writing, theatre, or photography, it all should be available for any and all youth on their road to adulthood.

The Reason:

It’s no secret that when public schools undergo budget cuts, the first on the chopping block are the arts programs.  In this growing climate of assessment based education, where creativity and imagination get put on the back burner to core academic tests that are the basis to measure achievement, some of the school boards and superintendents seem to gravely overlook the vital benefits of the arts and the role it can play in a child’s overall development.

Obviously we understand the essential need for the core basics of education like Math, Science, and English/Literature, but the enhancement of a child’s creativity is just as crucial to their learning process.  It all plays a vital part, and the monotony of the core basics need to blend with the element of a child’s need to express themselves creatively and artistically, which provides a more well-rounded education.  A child doesn’t have to be the next Mozart or Van Gogh to benefit from experiencing the arts and its ability to help them reach their full potential.  A mind with a greater freedom of imagination can reach greater peaks of growth and the inception of great ideas, and this world of ours faces enormous challenges because of the absence of great ideas.

It was the breakthrough of art, after all, that took us from the Neanderthal to the forward thinking human beings we became, and we intend to save and enhance imagination, one striving youth at a time. We intend to save imagination one student at a time!

What we intend to do:

    • Donate art and music supplies to under privileged children and youth centers
    • Host art classes mentored by celebrity artist
    • Art scholarships for Miami’s art students of talent
    • Trips to special performing art events
    • Donations of gallery art pieces as fundraising for non-profit organizations
    • Art exhibitions from which the proceeds would benefit a variety of organizations and educational institutions



Lila Nikole

The owner of Lila Nikole Collection, Lila Nikole Rivera’s love for fashion blossomed at a young age. Born in Queens, New York, Lila grew up in a fashion-conscious household, where she helped her mother, a seamstress, create clothing pieces. The Lila Nikole Collection was a vision, built from the ground up into a successful business on the drive and initiative of the designer, and Lila Nikole’s journey of success that created a powerful swimwear brand has not gone unnoticed. Her ability to build her company to where it is, made her a subject of interest in a collegiate psychology class, becoming one of the subject features in the latest edition of the Feldman University Psychology Course Text Book.Today, Lila Nikole’s biography and headshot reside on the campus wall of fame at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she graduated manga cum laude. Since the success of her online venture, Lila Nikole has continued designing and has ventured into styling. Lila Nikole has been on various television networks including NBC, HBO, VH1, MTV, CNN, BET, Telemundo, Univision and more. The Lila Nikole Collection has graced the pages of such magazine publications as Elle, Fitness RX, 944, The Source, Ebony, Vibe and many more. She has worked with a great number of celebrities from Will Smith, Kim Kardashian, Jenny McCarthy, Keyshia Cole, and Trey Songz, to Chris Brown, Selita Banks, Tocarra Jones, and Sean “Diddy” Combs which resulted in her becoming labeled as the celebrity’s favorite swimwear designer. The list continues to grow.

Lila Nikole’s ability as a designer to provide a product that blends the mainstream industry fashion trends of a corporate powerhouse, with the quality and care of a family owned business, has developed a strong loyal customer base. Lila Nikole Collection is not just successful in business, but in the nature of giving back as well. Being involved with such charities and foundations as Make A Wish, Boys & Girls Club of Miami, Food Bank For Hunger NYC, Chapman Partnership for Women and Children, Share Our Strength, and even Miami Dolphins Cystic Fibrosis, Lila Nikole understands that success is not just about what one can achieve for themselves, but also how well they serve others.


Aisha Thalia

Being well spoken and extremely outgoing has opened many avenues for success within the south Florida entertainment industry for Aisha Thalia. Whether it has been working for Maxim magazine on the red carpet interviewing celebrities, local TV, hosting her weekly radio show, or working during Miami’s many fashion weeks interviewing designers, Aisha brings energy and life to every event she hosts. She started her own company as a spokesperson offering free to low cost coverage of charity events to help grow the sponsorship opportunities for many worthy causes.“Each one teach one,” is the phrase that Aisha Thalia lives by. Completing her master’s degree in education from the University of Pittsburgh by age 22, Aisha knew she would use it as an avenue to make a difference in people’s lives. Working with inner city youth since a teenager, she made it her goal to educate students on how they can make a difference in society. Her passions include acting, fighting against homelessness, running a youth environmental group that donates vegetable seedlings to community gardens, sponsoring an art club for children, and using her platform as an actress and former model to educate society about issues that really matter on her website. Aisha Thalia has been featured in many magazines as well as commercials, films and music videos. Recently she was nominated as one of South Florida’s “40 Under 40 Leaders of Today and Tomorrow.” She believes in one truth: Love


Imagination Coordinators

Kevin Walton


Being an actor, writer, director, hip-hop artist, motivational speaker and poet, Kevin Walton thrives on the ability to create and express.  After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneural Studies from the University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management, the Denver, Colorado native walked away from the pursuit of a promising football career and relocated to Miami, FL where he began working for an up and coming independent record label.  After learning about the functionality of the music business, he ventured off to start his own entertainment company, TwighLight Entertainment Group, which he has been strategically building up.  As an artist he’s well known as K Dubb The Truth, from which he evolved from the spoken word into a rapper of conscious note.  His music is thought provoking, powerful, positive, and engrossing.  As an actor he has built up a solid body of work, booking principle roles on such television series as Burn Notice, The Glades, Locked Up Abroad, and in several feature films including Step Up Revolution and Loving The Bad Man where he played alongside Stephen Baldwin.  Both talents, and the development of his crafts, have brought him on the verge of becoming the next big breakout star which he seems fit to earn.  And in keeping to his true entrepreneur spirit, alongside two friends, he built up his own production company, Walking Wolf Productions, of which he is the Vice President and CCO, already having two award winning short films under his belt and a TV Pilot which he wrote and directed, generating some interest from a couple major cable networks.