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Five Questions: Designer Lila Nikole

Five Questions: Designer Lila Nikole

Lila Nikole Collection is a swimwear line that provides quality ready-to-wear garments. The Signature line has catered to the media & such celebrities as Kim Kardashian, Tila Tequila, Keyshia Cole, Christina Milian, Trina, Vida Guerra, Ja Rule and Jaslene Gonzalez, Jade Cole, Bre, Tocarra Jones & Bianca Golden of America’s Next Top Model. Since our launch we have graced many stages including BET‚’s Rip the Runway 2007 and 2008, NBC Morning Show, VH1?s Best Week Ever, MTV’s Wild’n Out, E! Last Model Standing, MTV3s Rock Dinner and BET Spring Bling.


Recently, Divas and Dorks got the opportunity to sit down with BET Rip The Runway highlighted designer Lila Nikole Rivera to discuss fashion, passion and cat fights!  Check out which superstar she’d like to see rocking her designs and her advice on how to achieve success in the fashion industry.


1. Describe an early moment in your career where you created THE design that convinced you that becoming a fashion designer was for you.

“My first swim suit design is the one that convinced me that I had a future in the swimwear industry. I drew a crazy design on a napkin then went to class and executed it with perfection. People started asking me to buy the item but I only had enough material to make one. I went out and purchased similar fabric and duplicated it for quite a few people, I kept the original as a trophy.”


2. Which celebrity would you love to see Rip The Runway in your designs and why?

“The celebrity I’d most like to see wearing my collection would be Jennifer Lopez, Meagan Fox, Katy Perryor Gwen Stefani. These ladies are all trend setters, sex kittens, daring and are always right on with their fashion sense.”


3. How do you see your designs evolving, from your earlier designs to now?

“I think my designs have evolved in many ways. First the collections are more cohesive and each collection has a variety of styles that all compliment each other.                                                                               Designer:  Lila Nikole Rivera

The fit is better and accentuates a women’s curves better as well. The items are also more luxurious and chic.”


4. What advice would you give to aspiring designers who aspire to reach
your level of success?

“The key to success is dedication and persistence. Live for what you love, give your all and you will reap the benefits of a successful career accompanied by the opportunity to love what you do for work.”

5. We all know that ANYTHING can happen during runway shows. Describe a behind the scenes moment that people won’t get to see during BET’s Rip The Runway…

“Well this years show for Rip The runway’s backstage area was pretty calm and collective. The only fun behind the set was that we all joined in a toast of Cafe patron before the girls went on the runway.

During another large fashion show for Mercedes Benz fashion week was quite crazy. Two models were about to get into a fight right before they
walked onto the catwalk. We had to literally push them away from each other and push one of the girls onto the runway. Was an insane night!”