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Best Of Miami 2017

BEST OF MIAMI 2017: Shopping and Retail
The Lila Nikole Collection: BEST SWIMWEAR STORE 

"Ask any true Miamian to rank her most important item of clothing, and — if she's living in America's tropical capital — she'll point to her swimsuit. You can't really function in the 305 unless you've got some decent beachwear. Whether you're looking for a teeny-weeny bikini, a one-piece, or a monokini, the Lila Nikole Collection can perfectly fill that all-important slot in your wardrobe. Launched by Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale graduate Lila Nikole Rivera, the company offers a colorful collection of Miami-inspired swimwear. Rivera isn't afraid to think outside the mono-color box: She even offers a Star Wars-themed line complete with a low-cut Chewbacca suit, in case you enjoy roaring like a Wookiee on South Beach. Lila Nikole swimwear has graced the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and been modeled by the likes of Chrissy Teigen. Prices go up to about $150, but the website also offers a selection of swimsuits priced at just $19.99, so Lila Nikole is within your reach even if you aren't a cover girl."


With proud honor, we have been selected "Best Of Miami Swimwear 2017" by the Miami New Times. The Lila Nikole Collection was built from the ground up with no capital, no experience and no idea what to do!! Lila made a swimsuit, then sold it. She used the money from the sale to purchase some more fabric. She continued this cycle till she could afford to get items in bulk. Every item was made by hand in the garage. Sewn with love and beaded by hand. It took so much to get our brand known.
Today reminds us that as long as you are willing to put in some hard work and stick it out through the ups and downs.. you can achieve whatever you put your mind to! Thank you Miami New Times for thinking of us, we are honored!