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Derick G- IAE


Derick G, born in Miami in the early 1980s to a single mother, a creative soul since birth. His mother was very into arts and crafts so he naturally found interest in following the arts. Cars were also a big deal to young DG, so the Lowrider culture stood out to him as it is basically arts and crafts on wheels. His mother would help and support his love for the car culture by helping him with model cars, to his lowrider bike, & then to his first car.

Derick began taking pictures of everything he was doing along his journey not know that his future was in his hands the entire time. Photography would be the outlet he uses in his adult career to expand his creative and also his sky miles as Photography took him around the world. Photographing some of the biggest names in his era to also working with some of the biggest corporations of his time as well. Lebron James, Lil Wayne, Drake, DJ Khaled to name a few, Also working with Corporate giants like Beats By Dre, Nike, Jordan, & many More. Derick is still photographing his life away, he also learned his love for more hands-on art like painting murals & giant wheat paste photography prints.

Photography will forever be his passion but his heart now lies in marketing and brand building, his love for brand development is now in full force from working on clothing lines to producing events for different brands. "Creative Engineer" is the self-proclaimed title he gave himself as calling him just a photographer was not enough. Derick is in works of building his creative firm where brands can sit in with him and work as a team on taking brands to new heights.


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