California Swimwear

All this talk about the West Coast being the best coast had us thinking... we certainly do see some amazing trends in terms of swimwear fashion coming out of the west coast. Maybe there is a little something to this. Let's face it, California Swimwear is hot. Frankly, we have designed some amazing California inspired swimwear for our clients in Southern California. Even some of our high profile clients in Hollywood have requested us to make some unique bikinis that had that California swimwear fashion styling to them. Some of these fun projects helped shape what has become a full collection of Californian Swimwear that can be shopped for worldwide in our online store for California swimwear and sexy beachwear. 

California Swimwear

California Swimwear | California Bikinis

If you plan on hitting the beach this summer and want to make sure you hit the beach in the hottest looking bikini and the best looking swimwear, make sure to check out the large selection of California Swimwear. We have the perfect California inspired swimwear and bikinis to wear to the beach, to a day club, a pool party, or to ensure you look the best when lounging around poolside at the Beverly Hills Hotel. No matter what type of event you plan on attending, we have the perfect California swimwear to ensure you look amazing.

SoCal Beaches have been known as a magnet for some of the most beautiful women in the world wearing some of the hottest swimwear in the world. Southern California is blessed with great beaches, beautiful women and the latest fashion trends. Thankfully, since 2009, Lila Nikole Swimwear has been able to contribute to at least two of these categories. Being one of the world's best swimwear designers, has allowed us to help our clients look beautiful in California swimwear designs. Being looked at by the swimwear fashion industry as creating the hottest California Bikini fashion trends is something that brings us great pride. Shop our complete collection of swimwear and bikinis or contact us today so we can help you find the perfect California style swimwear and bikinis.

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